How to get a driving license in Italy (detailed procedure)

After publishing our step-by-step guide on “How to obtain your B-class driving license in Italy” in Italian, we received many private messages asking us to translate the article in English. Here it is.Firstly, you should refer to this article if you are interested in getting a B-class driving license. In simple terms, the one needed to drive automobiles and motorbikes with egine smaller than 125cc.

In order to obtain a license, every candidate must pass two different exams. First, a theoretical exam (multiple choice questions) on road signs, legislation and theory on how a vehicle works. Only after this, he/she is provided with a temporary permit (Foglio Rosa) to train in roads driving a car. Only two attempts are allowed for each exam, if you fail twice in any of them you will have to re-enroll and pay all the fees again.

Please note that there are strict regulations on where, when and with whom you can drive with a temporary permit. Make sure to have them clear in mind before you start driving a real car.

There are two main ways to obtain a driving license in Italy: the first way, easier but more expensive, is entirely managed by driving schools. In alternative, one can autonomously organize the paperwork and the theory exam and approach a driving school only for the practical driving lessons and the final on-road exam. This latter procedure is called “da privatista” (private candidate) in Italian, you will hear this a lot during your journey to a driving license.

Here, we provide a guide on how to enroll for the theoretical exam in the Central Transport Authority offices (Motorizzazione Civile) present in all major Italian cities.

Let’s see what are the main steps to enroll as “Privatista”:

  1. Firstly, you will need a medical certificate from your primary care physician, or general practitioner (Medico di Base), called “certificato anamnestico” (like this), that basically proves you are eligible for the actual medical examination held at hospitals and local health authorities. The cost is about 30 euros.
  2. After having obtained the Certificato Anamnestico, you should book a visita specialistica per l’accertamento dei requisiti per il rilascio della patente di guida” (Specialist examination to assess eligibility to drive) in the local hospital. Prepare an ID photo and a 16€ duty stamp (Marca da bollo), as you will need to stick both of them on the certificate.
  3. Go to any post office and ask for “Bollettini postali” (post checks), with which you will have to make 3 different payments: two separate payments of €16 on the post account 4028 and one payment of €26,40 in post account 9001. There are special forms to make these payments, specific for driving license taxes. Ask the officer at the post office the pre-marked forms for those specific post accounts.
  4. Print (or ask at the Transport Authority Office) and fill in the registration form nr. TT2112 (download). You can refer to this sample, where only the fields whose compilation is compulsory are highlighted (click).
  5. Now you are ready to submit your application. To do so, you need to physically and personally go to a Transport Authority Office (Motorizzazione) in order to register. You will need to bring with you:
    • Id card or Passport (and residence permit, if you need it) and two photocopies of it
    • TT2112 Form completed with the data required
    • Tax code
    • 2x ID photos
    • Receipt of the payments done at the Post office
    • The medical certificate you got at the hospital
  6. The officer will collect all the documents. After approximately 10 days all documents will have been checked and you application approved. Therefore, you can contact the Transport Office again to book your theoretical exam session.
  7. The day of the theoretical exam, make sure to reach the Transport Office considerably in advance. Don’t forget to take with you the TT2112 form you will receive back after booking the exam date and a valid ID card (or passport).
  8. If you pass, your temporary driving permit will be ready to be collected at the office one or two days later. If you fail, you will have to book again a seat for another exam session.

Good luck! :)

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  1. Grazie tanto! Hai spiegato tutto in un modo molto chiaro e utile, sopratutto per noi stranieri che abbiamo già la patente da 20 anni nel nostro paese d’origine e che dobbiamo rifare tutto dal inizio. Grazie mille

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